Desktop Support

Automated Results provides day-to-day desktop support to handle all the little nuances that occur with your computers. Coverage includes everything from printer issues to desktop rebuilds. Hardware replacement costs are not included.

  • Fix issues related to the operating system or applications running on the desktop. This includes things like Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, etc.
  • Managing and applying updates to desktops to ensure critical and security patches are being applied on a regular basis. We will setup a routine schedule for these updates and monitor the systems to make sure they are receiving the updates as expected.
  • Monitor and maintain computer system antivirus software to make sure it is receiving new definitions as often as possible and running in a healthy state.
  • Monitor computer systems and make recommendations when to upgrade or replace systems based on the performance metrics we receive.
  • Support your computer systems in the most effective way possible.
  • Third Party Patch Management. We can setup your systems to receive updates for third party applications as well. We just need to identify the ones you want to keep up to date and setup the system to keep them updated.

Performing system maintenance like disk defragmentation and disk cleanup can help your system perform better and we will schedule these processes to run on a consistent basis.