Our Story

Automated Results roots originated from the closing of Dupont October 1999. 

April 1st , 2000 – Automated Results Became Official 

May 2000 – First Client : HendersonsBest Product – Develop an application that helps track produce shipments to grocery stores using a custom VMR system, for billing, payments and inventory

May 2000 – First Industrial Client:  OSISoft PI System Support for PCI Sun Chemicals in Wurtland KY

June 14th, 2000 – Full time work began 

Automated Results moves to it’s first office in February 2001

Automated Results early days (2003 – 2004)

Automated Results Data Center December 2011
We started to plan our data center move from our South Caldwell St to PARI in July 2010.  It took a while to get everything in place.  We signed the agreement for the site in November of 2011 and we shutdown systems at South Caldwell St on 12/31/2011 and went live at PARI on 1/1/2012.

Automated Results September 2017

Automated Results December 2018

Automated Results Brazil 2019

Automated Results purchases a second suite in French Broad Place 2020

Automated Results building sign installed September 2021

Automated Results car wrap June 2022

Automated Results first billboard June 2023